Going Places

Travelling in Omphalos is more about intent than direction. Unlike cities out in the mandala, Omphalos exists as symbolic truth and connection as much as a physical place. So where you want to be (either consciously or not) determines where you go rather than the path you take.

What this means in practical terms is that you have to keep your destination in mind and depending on your state of mind and eagerness, the path to get to any given point in the city can be either very quick and easy or slow and tedious. On the odd occasion, even dangerous!

As an example, if one wanted to get Temple Street to meet with a lover for a tryst in the perfumed bowers of the temple of Aphrodite, the streets might seem to open themselves to you, as you walk down intimate and flower-scented side streets and plazas with fountains and pleasant statues until you find yourself at your destination in mere minutes. If, on the other hand, you wanted to get to Temple Street to face your fate as a possible sacrifice at the end of the feast of Huehueteotl, the route might take you down shadowed alleys and dark squares full of wilted flowers and foreboding monuments until, hours later, you found yourself in front of the appropriate temple.

As a side effect of this, mapping and exploring the city is almost impossible. The Wayfarer Brotherhood spend their lives trying to do so, but even as old as the city is, much of it is still a mystery even to them. Still, if you are trying to find an obscure or lost place or a hidden Way out in into the mandala, they are your best bet.

There are also legends in the city that if you truly want to find something, anything, it is in the city somewhere. You may have to spend years searching for it, facing terrible dangers and many trials, but those who dedicate themselves can and do find what they are after, though often it turns out to be less or more than they were hoping to find.

It is said that the Wayfarers are chosen from the ranks of those who have completed one of those quests, having been freed of desire by finding their heart’s desire and either losing or giving it up.

Going Places

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