A City of Exiles

Omphalos is a city full of immigrants and exiles. While the El’adrin are the only species native the city, they are outnumbered by the numbers of those who came from the outer worlds or who had ancestors who either came to the city willingly or otherwise. A rough estimate suggests that there are three or four times as many non-El’adrin natives of the city. That doesn’t even count the tens of thousands of champions the gods and powers have brought to the city for the Grand Campaign at any given time.

These exiles bring life and vigor to the ancient city, though. At any given time, in most of the neighborhoods of the city, one can hear a dozen languages being spoken or raised in song, see the natives of twenty worlds, smell the cooking of a handful of cultures and buy goods from any number of places out in the worlds. It makes for a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere, where cultures clash and blend.

There are enclaves of various races and cultures, of course, banded together for mutual benefit and comfort. The elves and their tree city within the city and the ‘small folk’ and their diminutive homes and businesses are good examples. These areas tend to be more rare than integrated neighborhoods, though.

Despite being vastly outnumbered, the native El’adrin are unarguably in control of the city, as much as any mortals. They are born to the city and adapted to the strange Ways and odd features of the city, steeped in magic and mystery. Called The Children of the City, these colorful, beautiful and graceful beings tend to be ones who own the most property and resources in the city, as well as filling out the ranks of city officials and functionaries, as well as a de facto nobility.

Other people may come and go, whole species rise and fall over thousands of years, but the El’adrin are as much as a part of the city as the plazas and towers, streets and byways. They are the firstborn children of Omphalos, born of the blood of a god and blossoming in a hothouse city that they love on an instinctive level.

A City of Exiles

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