Of all the gods, only Death does not desire gifts. – Aeschylus

Omphalos is the city of the gods. Where every power and principality comes to barter and forge treaties. Or to lay the groundwork for war.

Omphalos is the center of the flower of creation. The jewel in the cosmic lotus. All that is here is true and that truth becomes more mercurial the farther one roams from the city.

Omphalos is a city of wonders and terrors. Of pleasures and beauty gathered from all the realms of What is and What May Be. Of sweet tortures and grotesquerie gathered from That Which May Not Be. And even, it is rumored, from That Which Is Not.

Omphalos is the city of the Grand Campaign. The eternal battle-by-proxy waged by the gods and demon lords to help determine their status and prestige. And as a mortal drawn back from death by one of those powers, the Grand Campaign is your battle. Survive. Overcome. Dazzle the immortal throng. Triumph and you may find yourself ascended to the ranks of the powers yourself. Or fail, die again and be forgotten.

Omphalos awaits….

Omphalos - The Grand Campaign

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