The Grand Campaign

The Grand Campaign is, above all else, a way for the gods and powers to contend without destroying whole worlds. For the gods themselves, the rules are shifting and nebulous and somewhat beyond mortal ken. From what mortals can tell, there is an intricate system of coup and prestige, based on how well a certain deity or power’s mortal pawns do in the Grand Campaign.

For the mortals, the rules are simple. Survive, succeed and do with it with style. The challenges themselves can range from being sent to delve into some local nest of monsters on a world That Is to a complex, esoteric treasure hunt for the essence of a concept or emotion out on the far-flung edges of That What Must Not Be.

The gods have shifting and overlapping alliances and spread their resources widely, keeping their fingers in as many pots as they can. For that reason, few companies of adventurers are all dedicated to the same deity or power. The gods themselves rarely interfere when their chosen mortal champions pick comrades. At least until those mortals start climbing the ranks of champions and get closer and closer to ascending themselves, while bringing their patron a great deal of prestige and influence.

These champions of the gods are mortals who have died, fallen in some sort of conflict or adventure. They are usually already fairly experienced and talented. Rather than sending them on to their appropriate afterlife, the powers give them a chance to live again and compete in the games. Few turn them down once they understand that they can gain truly immortality and see the delights of the city.

The Grand Campaign is overseen by Urbanus and his chosen representatives, the masked and cloaked Arbiters of Fate. These beings are also mortal, but entrusted with a great deal of power by Urbanus. They are literally the priests of the Grand Campaign and are supposedly beyond corruption or vice. The Arbiters keep their identities hidden to avoid consequences from various powers and their champions. Because they are protected by Urbanos and within the city, his power is unchallenged, they can hide from scrying attempts and the inhuman senses and abilities of various parties.

The Arbiters search out entertaining situations out in the worlds. Or they manufacture them. Despite being anonymous, each one of the gray robed and hooded figures looks slightly different, even with the mirrored silver masks that hide their faces. Some of them have gained cult followings of citizens of the city, like the Bloody Hemmed Giant, who is famous for his (or her) huge size and the dull red stains on the hem of their robes. That particular Arbiter is known as being viciously clever and brutal, sending hundreds, if not thousands, of parties to their deaths.

The Grand Campaign

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